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My First Week with my iPad

By missiza · May 9, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So naturally, as with most things, you keep saying the name and it grows on you. That's kind of how the progression of accepting the name of my new magical and evolutionary device came to be. And though once in a while I still cringe at it's name, I am still quite content with my purchase of the 64gb 3G iPad.

Here's the good:

  • It's fast. It's faster than my existing net book at home,
  • The battery life is just what I was hoping for (and expected with Steve Jobs claim of ~10 hrs of battery life.). In the full 10 days of usage (note not consistent hour by hour usage), I've had to charge the iPad twice.
  • The Scrabble experience on the iPad is amazing. Ive played it using iPods and between 2iPad owners....I can only hope that there are many more group games following this experience. (hint, hint for Monopoly)
  • Web browsing through Safari is pretty amazing...despite the lack of Flash Support
  • Magazines look great on the iPad, well...at least the TIME magazine through it's app looks pretty good.  I really can't wait to see more magazine pubs offer their magazines through either their own app or through the iBook store.
  • One of the better experience in sharing photos from my holidays is through the Photo app on the iPad. Because it's screen is so large, you definitely won't miss a thing as you flip through your photos for all to see.
  • Bluetooth pairing between my iPad and my bluetooth headset works great.
  • The virtual keyboard does take getting used to, but once you do, it's not so bad.  Just avoid growing your nails out too long else you start knicking at the screen with your nails.
  • Having the option for 3G speed defintiely helps, especially during these summer months.  There are quite a number of things I can get lost in time with on the iPad, so having the option to be connected while I'm outside makes me happy.  I may be online, but I'm at least connected to the internet.
  • When traveling for work, the iPad definitely replaces the need for me to carry my netbook and Kindle...in addition to my work laptop.


The Bad

  • Despite being a generally good web browser, there is something to say about the iPad not being able to handle all websites properly. I find it nearly impossibly yo post to sites like OnSugar because I just can't seem to either be able to get text onto the page or even customize certain functions of my Tumblr page. And of course lack of flash renders some sites with video playback (ie ESPN, Facebook) useless.
  • It's significantly heavier than I had anticipated.
  • And add a decent case/cover, and it gets heavier. And I say decent because let's face it, the usual slip cases/jackets are not going to cut it. The iPad was expensive, so your going to want to protect it. And really, there are probably only 2 kinds of cases offered by Apple to provide this protection - the Apple branded and the InCase model.
  • Even though magazines look great, the screen itself on the iPad eventually hurts my eyes.  Sure I have an astigmatism that doesn't allow my eyes to focus on letters quickly...in conjuction with some mild form of farsightedness....my eyes still experience some kind of fatigue if using the iPad for too long.  (And this is why I am still holding on to my Kindle).
  • One of the most coveted accessory pieces for the iPad - the Camera Kit - is alway sould out at the stores and delayed for delivery online.
  • Email account management on the iPad doesn't seem as efficient as it is on the iPod touch.  Meaning, with multiple email accounts that I sift through, I would like a screen that just shows me the my accounts and which ones have new emails...once I open the app.  Email on the iPad seems to default to showing you the last email you last viewed in the email account that it is.  You have to click out of the email folders and into the list of mailboxes in order to see your new emails...everytime you turn on Email.  I think this is a big step back.
  • the $15 3G data plan won't necssary cut if if you intend to actually use Safari a lot when not connected to a WiFi Network.  I easily blow half of my data allotment (125 MB out of the 250 MB) in 2.5 days because I kept on going to data heavy websites (Flickr, Facebook - lots of images and content to download) and unfortunately had all those App notification on.  Now that I've learned my lesson, my 3G usage isn't as bad as those first couple of days.
  • I wish the touch keyboard had directional "keys".  Sometimes I find myself misspelling a word and it would just be easier to be able to go into the section of that word to correct.  Not have the cursor start at either the first or last letters of the word.
  • Twitter apps on the iPad seem like they are in Beta as Tweetdeck constantly crashes (and doesn't even provide the same experience found on the iPod touch) and Twitterific always pulls up some kind of API error message (though for Twitterific, this doesn't make the app unstable, it's just annoying).


The Ugly (more on the aesthetics side)

  • As with most of it's touchscreen enabled predecessors, the iPad is a fingerprint magnet.  And though this is to be expected, just look at how much larger the screen is compared to it's predecessors and you tell me how annoying (and even gross) all those fingerprints look.  And it's even more disconcerting as 99.9% I am sure that those are your own fingerprints.  I'm waiting to see if the same company that makes the iPod touch anti-glare screens will make one for the iPad.
  • Despite claims that there are thousands upon thousands of apps in the iTunes store, not all are optimized for the iPad.  I'd like to see this turnaround happen sooner or later, or just have Apple put back the category for "iPod" on iTunes (did any of you notice that?).  I mean, with that big screen, I shouldn't be forced to look at a small space of an app that is not optimized for the iPod.  I shouldn't even have to put up with using the "2x" button to blow up that contents of the app to fit the screen size of the iPad.  Pixelated text images are far worse than staring at a smaller "screen" when you did pay more for all that on-screen real estate.


All in all, I bought the iPad 3G version as a means to browse the internet and consume digital media in all its forms.  And that's what it's been doing, and I definitely can't complain.  Sure there are things that I'd like for the iPad to do a lot better, but let's face it....it's not like I actually own the company.

For me, I find the ipad generally a great device for media consumption and a bit tricky for media creation.  And that's also why I'm still holding onto my netbook and computer.

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I've been wanting an ipad! Thanks for the great review!

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