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im geekier than your average girl, which may bring a different perspective on things. i aspire to share these thoughts with anyone and everyone who comes across this blog. i want to keep tech fun and light for anyone to understand. afterall, we all don't speak geek. :-)



How I'm Wired: Work Travel Edition

By missiza · March 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Work has always provided me with varying opportunities to hop on a plane and add to my collection of frequent flier miles.  For about a year, this was quite a common occurence that I started to perfect the art of packing (I'll get to that piece in my travel blog).  Every so often, I do wonder if I've forgotten anything, particularly tech related since I am headed to work outside the office.  And let's face it, if I need to be ready I need to be ready for work.

So this is what I roll with:

(from left to right, clockwise)

  • Personal phone
  • Work phone....yup, 2 phones.  I like to keep things separate and it doesn't hurt to carry 2 phones in the event one of them completely loses battery power.
  • Laptop...I did say this is the work edition right?  Then again, even on personal travel, I will more than likely bring a laptop with me as well.
  • iPod...although my phones can serve double duty as MP3 players, I do like to keep my music seperate as well.  Not to mention there are a few apps on my IPod touch that help keep me organized.
  • Noise cancelling headphones...because that noise cancelling feature is amazing when on planes.
  • Kindle...a girl's gotta read right?
  • Call Pod Charger...one charger for my multiple devices.  This thing is great and only requires actually plug, but very many adapter pieces.  Oh well, I'd rather deal with the small pieces than a while bunch of chargers.
  • Proporta Travel Charger...yeah, I like to ensure I have some tech juice on me at all times.  I mean really, look at all that gadgetry.



So what gadgets do you travel with?

posted by

Nice tech-glitz! I'm especially coveting your collection of chargers --- I realy need to look into one of those multi-chargers so I can cut down on the number of cords/plugs/etc. that I have to travel with!

(And by travel with, I realy mean have-a-better-than-good shot at losing!)

Thanks for commenting at Life: Forward --- I look forward to your comments :-)

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