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Bag Borrow or Steal...and Possibly Sell? My Bag Selling Experience TO Avelle

By missiza · March 4, 2010 · 0 Comments ·
About 2 years ago, I was introduced to an up and coming website called Bag Borrow or Steal where Fashionistas had the the opportunity to purchase memberships that allowed them to rent designer handbags for a duration of time.  (Some may remember this concept on the Sex In the City Movie with Louise from St. Louis.)  Today, you can still find Bag Borrow or Steal on the same website, but with a brand new look and with a sorta new name - Avelle: Bag Borrow or Steal.  The designer handbag "rental" service remains the same for the most part, adding other great accessories and watches to the mix, but they now seem to offer Budget Fashionistas incredible deals as they also sell bags, and as I follow them on Twitter, have started to purchase them as well.

You see, through Twitter (@Avelle), I got a tweet that contained a link to a page on their site that provided instructions on how to send in a bag to be reviewed for purchase.  Yes, being a Twitter follower definitely helped out because it was extremely difficult to find this same kind of information by just going through the website itself.  The page provides general information about the process:
1.) Fill out the form.  2.) Provide images. 3.) Wait for response on initial offer.

I provided as much info and images as I can, in order to get the most accurate estimate before sending the bags in.  The form also asked a few key notes about the purchase as well, which I assume to help in guaranteeing the authenticity of the bag - things like, do you have the original dustbag, do you have the receipt, where you bought it, purchase price, etc.  Although I didn't have the receipt for my bag, I was able to provide all other information accurately.

So off my form went.  I sent the email along with pictures on a Sunday morning...and I received a response with an initial estimate for both bags (yeah I submitted 2 forms for 2 bags) the following afternoon.  Nice! I liked the sound of the estimate, so I agreed to have them sent for additional review.  (Yes, even after the estimated offer, you will have to send in your bag to truly determine how much you can get for it).
Another cool thing...they send you the UPS label.

Unfortunately for me, weather and work delayed my initial shipment, so I sent in the bags a week after receiving the UPS label.
Patience now is key, as the UPS label is set for Ground shipment.  But again, as prompt as they were initially, I received a fnal quote for my bags about 2 days from it hitting their warehouse. (Gotta luv UPS tracking info.)

So here's something
KEY.  I understand the concept of a first estimate based on the info provided in the initial form, but please know that should your bag need cleaning (and if it was used, it surely will), they will subtract the cost of that cleaning from whatever price they intend to offer you.  Lucky for me, I take good care of my bags, and the cost of cleaning them was generally not a big deal.  It did change the total purchase price I had anticipated for the 2 bags.

You do have an
option to get a check for the sale estimate of the bag, or receive a credit on your Avelle account for future "rentals".  The latter option does give you more "funds", but I personally opted for the check.

What I did find
a bit odd, was that after I had accepted their offer for the 2 bags, there was a bit of a lack of communication considering how consistent our earlier emails were.  If anything, I was just looking for an email telling me that the check was on it's way, or that they will be sending it...something to that affect. By the time I received confirmation that a check was on it's way...I got the check the next day.

Overall, quite a
good experience as I was told via @Avelle that purchasing bags is quite new for them.  Would I do it again?  Of course!  And that's really because I collect way too many handbags that my closet will comfortably allow.  So watch Avelle, you'll probably be seeing more Submission forms coming from me.  :-)

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